Monday, April 29, 2013

Lee Mfg Co off and running.....

We are proud to report that Lee Manufacturing Company is off to a great start in 2013.  This year has marked a transfer of the company business from Newt Weeks in Dallas, TX to the Cole family in Martin, TN.  We are learning what it takes to keep orders filled.  We are learning what to do and what not to do.  Some things have worked, other have not.  It's great to be able to provide people with products that will make gardening and preparing fresh produce easier and more enjoyable.  We've added a ton of new products to our website,  Many of these are products that we do not produce, but are authorized distributors of, including our line of cherry pitters and garden tools.  We look forward to experimenting with new and innovative products and seeing how they fit into the mix.  This is an exciting time for Lee Manufacturing, the Cole family and Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions LLC.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lee Manufacturing Company

The New Year rang in with a new addition to Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions.  We are officially running Lee Manufacturing Company.  Check out the website at  We also have a Facebook fan page at  The former owner, Newt Weeks, is still incorporated in Dallas, TX, where the business has been operated from since 1939.  We have simply added "Lee Manufacturing Company" as an assumed name to our current business.  That was the easiest way to handle the changeover for now.
Most of the inventory from Dallas, TX was hauled to Union City, TN in early December. Below is a pic of myself and Newt Weeks outside his old warehouse on Virgo Lane in Dallas.  The Budget truck was fully loaded and at this point I am just about ready to jump into the truck for the long drive back to Tennessee.
Lee Manufacturing Company

Newt Weeks

The photo immediately above is a close-up of Newt.  He has started a new website that I hope you will check out, . 

This is going to be an exciting year for our little company.  We anticipate that this new venture will be a springboard into a full-time family run business based at our small "hobby farm" in Martin, TN.  The warehouse we have leased, which happens to be out by the Discovery Park of America in Union City, TN, is full with products to be distributed across the nation to hardware stores, farm stores and online customers.  We have plans to add several more products to the website as spring approaches.  Keep an eye out for a totally AMERICAN MADE version of the ever popular 101-P wooden corn cutter.  

As we progress, this year should see some activity on the front as well. We have several new websites on the drawing board, including .   Don't forget our popular website for anything and everything about pecans.  Feel free to use Pinterest to "pin" one of our recipes.  I recommend: . This is my grandmother's recipe and it is the BEST!!!

Please visit our websites, like us on facebook and recommend our Lee products to your garden-minded friends and family!